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We are always in the market to buy working used equipment for resale. We

purchase Data Domain, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp, Oracle and other

major brands. Just contact us with details about your equipment and we

will do our best to make an offer. We make the entire transaction process

easy, from paperwork to pick up to payment.

Have Used Disk Arrays for Sale? - To get maximum value for your

equipment, just email us today with the information that we need to make

an offer. If our offer is accepted, we will send a purchase order, arrange

freight and pick up from your facility. Transactions are fast and easy.

1. Brand, model and configuration of your storage system: HDD/SSD quantity, size and speed.

2. What is included with your storage system: Racks, flash arrays, disk arrays (DAE), controllers, bezels, rails, etc.

3. Your complete contact information and the city/state location of your equipment.

Used Disk Array Buyers

Disk storage has the advantage of higher capacity and are much more cost-

effective than equivalent flash drives. Disks also do not suffer from multiple

rewrite degradation. Where speeds aren’t an issue and rewrites are frequent,

such as backup applications, disk arrays are the clear choice for your storage

needs. Refurbished disk storage is an easy way to save money in today’s tight

economy. We offer a wide range of refurbished models from all major

manufacturers to include Data Domain, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp, Oracle

and Others. You get the same exact performance at less than half the cost of

new. All equipment is bench tested and comes with a warranty. We can also provide third party maintenance at significant savings

under manufacturer rates. You will be pleased with the quality and price of our delivered product. Contact Bluewave Storage

Systems today if you have used disk storage for sale or are in the market to buy equipment.

Your One Stop for Disk Storage

In business since 2008, Bluewave Storage Systems has helped companies worldwide with their IT equipment needs. We specialize

in selling and leasing disk, flash and hybrid storage arrays from all the major manufacturers. We are disk storage buyers and are

always looking for good equipment to resell. Contact us today to get a quote for your excess equipment. Transactions are easy with

Bluewave, from purchase through pick up and payment.

Disk Storage Buyers
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ABOUT BLUEWAVE Since 2008 we have helped companies worldwide with their data storage needs. If you’re selling excess gear, upgrading or downgrading, we can assist you, too. We buy good working storage systems for resale. For less than half of new price, we sell storage from all major manufacturers - Dell, EMC, Data Domain, HP, Lenovo, IBM, NetApp and Oracle. --------------------------- “Guaranteed Satisfaction from Bluewave Storage”
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Used Disk Arrays for Sale

Used Disk Array Buyers

Data Domain - Dell - EMC - HP - IBM - NetApp - Lenovo - Oracle

Dell EMC Data Domain HP IBM Lenovo NetApp Oracle

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Used Disk Array Buyers - All major brands

Your One Stop for IT Storage Welcome to Bluewave Storage Systems, your one stop for disk array sales and service. We specialize all major brands of used disk storage arrays to include Dell, Data Domain, EMC, HP, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp and Oracle . Here you can buy, sell or upgrade your storage system to better meet your current requirements. Sell Your Disk Storage We are used disk array buyers for all major brands. If we buy your equipment, we pay freight and pick up from your facility. The entire transaction process is easy, from paperwork to pick up. Just email us the following information and we will get back to you with a quick quote: 1 - Brand, model and configuration. 2 - What is included with your system. 3 - HDD/SSD quantity, size and speed. 4 - Where your equipment is located. 5 - Your complete contact information. Used Disk Array Buyers An easy way tame your budget in today’s tough economy is to purchase refurbished equipment. Used disk array buyers can choose from a wide range of systems from all major manufacturers. You get the same exact performance as new at half the cost. All equipment sold is tested and delivered with a warranty. We can also offer quality third party maintenance at big savings. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our prices and the quality of our delivered products. To get started, contact us today.
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‘Used Disk Storage Buyers’


Used Disk Storage Buyers